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  • Telephone

    Telephone Support


    Basic telephone support where we listen to your question and resolve the issue with you over the phone for £15 per 0.5 hour.  

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  • Email Question and Screen Support


    Send us your question via email and we will resolve look at the problem then resolve the problem with you via screen sharing at £20.00 per 0.5 hour.  

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  • Telephone

    Online Screen Support


    An appointment with screen sharing to that you can show us the problem and then we guide you through the resolution for that problem for £15 per 0.5 hour..

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  • Desk

    Offsite Resolution Support


    You will need to send us your problem, with or without supporting files, to enable us to resolve your problem and return the solution (with files if needed) to yourself for £40 per hour.  

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  • Onsite support

    Onsite Support


    This is where we arrange to visit you at your site and then resolve the problem directly.We charge £60 per hour and a one off travelling charge up to £30 depending on distance travelled.

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