We have over a period of time seen the need for some specialised support for people that have a website, which these days is most small businesses.

Some of the easy questions we are asked can be solved by a simple talk through over a shared screen. But our perception of what people want is someone to do the work for them at minimal cost.

So you have had a website built for you and you keep going back to the developer and asking for simple changes, but he charges you at a developer’s rate. Sounds familiar?

Invariably the developer will say ‘but it’s your website and you should do the updates, and I have given you access to do so!’
Or he will say “I only quoted to build the site, not continue to update it, so you will have to wait till I have some free time.’

That’s where we can come in, for a monthly fee we can take over the simple updates you want. Supply us with the text/media and instructions and we will update your site. However, we won’t complete work that could be a redesign based update. We can negotiate a proper price for such but we are talking about simple updates such as

  • Wrong contact details
  • Change of Address
  • Correcting wrong words / English
  • A simple page addition to the existing site
  • Basically anything that modifies the existing pages on a site.

Website Backup

We can also offer a backup solution on a monthly contract. It would require access to the back end in order to install or use appropriate backup software, but what we will do is take a monthly backup of your site and store it on one of our servers away from your own site server.

Please contact us for more details about this option.

  • Computer

    Web Update Support


    We will undertake to make minor corrections to your Joomla or WordPress site. This would be additional text / corrections to an existing page / text block. Minor revisions where appropriate, ie update of telephone numbers, address and so on. More complex changes would be permitted after discussions and time and cost agreement made. £15 per month.

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  • Computer

    Web Site Backup and Storage


    We will backup your Joomla or WordPress website and store the resulting backup away from your web server / hosting on a monthly basis. This would require access to you Joomla or WordPress admin in order to install the backup plugin and create the backups. £25 per month.

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  • Computer

    Web update + Backup


    This combines the 2 products of Web Update and Web Backup and Support into a single package with  a discounted price as we have found many customers use both. £40 per Month.

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