We consider that there are many types of support that you may need.

  1. Simple ‘How do I do this?’
  2. More in depth ‘I want to know how to make this work my way’
  3. Hardware support ‘It’s broken’
  4. ‘I give up, can you do it?’

Depending on your needs we have various options to provide that support.

We can start with the simple ‘How do I do this?’ as an interactive learning session, when you share your screen with us and we talk you through the method of getting your result, job done – so to speak. This relies on you having appropriate software on your computer for you to publish your screen across the internet so that one of our support team members can watch you as they provide instruction on how to complete the task

We can obviously use a range of appropriate software for this scenario so it will depend on what you already have installed or we can advise you. In general we like to use software that only shares your screen, so there is no possibility of us taking control.

The more in depth solution could require you submitting us with an example of what your trying to do via email for us to consider the options best suited to achieve your end result. Again at this point we would use some sort of conferencing software that allows us to talk and guide you at the same time as viewing your screen. It also allows us to send possible example files that we may have constructed prior to the appointment for support.

The ‘It’s broken’ scenario can sometimes come about through a support call that shows to our support team member that its not a software issue, but in fact its a hardware issue. These can be quite tricky to establish via a support call and if that’s the case, then we will make recommendations on how to get the problem fixed based upon detailed information given to us at the time.

Sometimes it all gets a bit much and all you really want to do is have someone fix the problem. We can do this but we much prefer to support your needs by uplifting your own knowledge about how to solve these problems. We understand however, that sometimes there are more pressing needs and you just want the problem fixed.

In this case we will make a judgment call about the best way to fix the problem, This could be taking control of your computer.
Or it could be having you send the problem files to us for investigation and cure then return via email.
Or it may involve other options to be looked at such that we would have to set up a site visit to fully investigate and cure the problem.

  • Telephone

    Telephone Support


    Basic telephone support where we listen to your question and resolve the issue with you over the phone for £15 per 0.5 hour.  

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  • Email Question and Screen Support


    Send us your question via email and we will resolve look at the problem then resolve the problem with you via screen sharing at £20.00 per 0.5 hour.  

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  • Telephone

    Online Screen Support


    An appointment with screen sharing to that you can show us the problem and then we guide you through the resolution for that problem for £15 per 0.5 hour..

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  • Desk

    Offsite Resolution Support


    You will need to send us your problem, with or without supporting files, to enable us to resolve your problem and return the solution (with files if needed) to yourself for £40 per hour.  

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  • Onsite support

    Onsite Support


    This is where we arrange to visit you at your site and then resolve the problem directly.We charge £60 per hour and a one off travelling charge up to £30 depending on distance travelled.

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