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How many times do you get a problem that should be simple but run into something that makes it hard or annoying, you know, like where has my file gone? And why does it keep putting it there? That’s where Links Support comes in. We try and answer these sort of questions without all the techno babble and at the same time show you how to solve the real problem which typically is hidden in some sort of preference or control panel setting.


For example, your in an application and you hit save (although a lot of people dont, they just close the file) and boom! its no longer where you think it should when you try and open it. It may be because you had navigated away from the default folder when opening a file and so when you save it saves in ‘Documents’ but when you go File Open your looking inside some other folder and don’t see the file you have just saved. How can you stop this? Every time it happens it gets more frustrating. There may be a setting along the lines of ‘save in the last folder opened’ that you may not know about, or there may be an add-on that forces this behaviour, or it may work on  MacOS 10.x but work differently on Windows x.x. All questions that Links Support can help solve.

Its the simple ‘Why does it do this?’ questions that come up again and again, and its not that people don’t know, its normally that the application presents the answer in a slightly techie way that normal users don’t quite get. So we try to answer these questions in a practical way that also teaches the person how to solve the problem and remember what was done. One of our main ways to do this is to NOT take control of a users computer, but to use a screen sharing application that allows us to talk the person through the sequence of steps to solve the problem.

And the technique of not presenting you with something done, but helping you understand how to do it, is the cornerstone of our support team.

This works well also with things like updating your website. It costs money to have a professional person update your website for you and many people don’t see the value in paying someone else. With standard online systems (WordPress, Joomla, Wix etc) for publishing and updating your website sometimes you hit a wall with how to do something. Yes everyone can keep trying things till it works but quite often a quick chat with one of the team will point you in the right direction and away you go. This is how we like to help people with Links Support.


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